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Heather Rutherford is everything a family law attorney should be!  I have experienced first-hand Heather’s unflagging and inspiring compassion for the client’s unique concerns. Over a two-year period, I worked for and with her as a domestic violence expert on a complex case that involved protecting children and mom from nuanced forms of neglect and abuse. The case featured a legal landscape that changed at the whim of the abuser. Heather effectively and successfully addressed all short and long-term aspects of this matter. Because of Heather’s skill and determination, I think it’s fair to say that the outcome of the case was more positive than even the client thought possible.

Additionally, Heather has a virtue that is rare in attorneys: she is an active listener who wants to learn! How refreshing! Moreover, she is patient, diligent, thoughtful, pleasant, and has a brilliant legal mind. In my mind, she is simply the GOAT!

–Victoria L. Lutz, Attorney at Law & Domestic Violence Expert

“So grateful to you and Hannah — and the whole team there. I’d hate to think I’d ever need Divorce counsel again (LOL), but if I did, I certainly know where I’d call. And if any friends or family befall the same misfortune, I know where I’d have them call. Thank you for everything. Your guidance and facilitation were a godsend in such a troubling and depressing time in one’s life.”
— Divorce client, 2022

“To Whom It may Concern,

This letter is a formal recommendation for Heather Rutherford, an attorney for the firm of Warren, Carlson and Moore LLC, Niwot, CO.
Heather took my case and acted on my behalf in my divorce proceedings in 2020. Heather was a pleasure to work with. She was very compassionate and sympathetic; which was so important during such a vulnerable time. She always listened to me and was able to answer all of my questions to my satisfaction. She worked hard to find me the best settlement that she could. In my opinion she far exceeded my expectations and did get me a better than fair resolution. I felt she went above and beyond in her efforts for me. I would highly recommend her and her agency. If she worked in any other area other than divorce I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.”

M. Lynn

“I hired Heather to help with my divorce. She understood the challenges and stress that I faced during this transition, and she was a strong, calm advocate for my interests. As a mom, she understood my concerns about my children post-divorce, and she made sure our parenting plan addressed those concerns along with issues I hadn’t considered. I trusted that she had my back and was taking the long view in negotiating a separation agreement that protected my financial future. Her humor, ability to explain legal concepts, and understanding of life with children made it easy for us to work together. She made sure to explain my options at each step so I could make informed decisions. I recommend her to anyone going through a divorce.”
— Client in divorce with children, 2020