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Keeping Your Estate Plan Relevant

Creating an estate plan is an important step when it comes to thinking about your future. While it may seem like an intimidating and scary process, you can be at peace knowing your wishes will be followed.

As the years pass it is important to keep your estate plan up to date. You may feel differently now than you did a few years ago or a life event may have changed your circumstances. The attorneys at Warren, Carlson & Moore, LLP, have helped clients and their families throughout Colorado since 1975.

When Is It Time To Update My Plan?

At our firm, our relationships with our clients are important. Whether or not we helped you create your original estate plan, we can help you make sure it stays up to date. Keeping your plan current ensures that your property passes to the intended beneficiaries, and removes uncertainty for your family members.

Some people review their estate plan every year. In general, it is best to look at it every two to three years. Otherwise you may want to update it after a significant life event. Divorce, remarriage, the death of a loved one in your will, or the addition of new grandchildren or children are common reasons why you may need to change the estate plan you have in place. It’s also possible that you want to change your executor (personal representative), guardian or trustee. We know how to handle all of these situations and are here to help.

Call Today To Talk With An Experienced Lawyer

If you have questions about updating your estate plan, we can help. No matter where you are in the process, our skilled staff is just a phone call away. Contact our Niwot office today to set up a consultation at 303-652-2433 or fill out our contact form.