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Trial Is Not The Only Option

Going to trial is not always necessary. Sometimes it is possible to reach an agreement outside of court. You may agree to do this on your own, or you may be ordered to do it. While it can be an overwhelming process, it can save time and money in the long run. Our firm has helped clients mediate throughout Colorado for decades.

What Happens In Mediation?

Think of mediation as an interactive negotiation with a third party present. Both parties are able to voice their concerns, while also negotiating resolutions of the outstanding matters present in the case.

In mediation, the most pressing challenge is keeping discussions on track. Parties can sometimes get focused on an issue that they feel is essential to their case, and refuse to discuss any other matter until it is resolved. It is extremely important that you have the right person serving as the mediator in your case.

We have several experienced attorneys on our staff available to mediate your case. We do not make any decisions for you, but instead help interpret concerns and identify any potential problems. Our goal is to find a solution that everyone can be happy with.

If an agreement cannot be made, you can then pursue other options toward resolving your case, which may include arbitration or litigation. While arbitration is similar to mediation, there are some key differences. There are typically a few arbitrators and they act like a judge. They can make decisions based on what they hear, and decisions are made by a majority vote.

Contact Our Office Today To Get Started

When it comes to mediation, an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer is a must. Our attorneys are well-respected and trusted. We are here to make the process easier. Call our office in Niwot today at 303-652-2433 or fill out our contact form.