Warning signs that your will could be challenged

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Estate Planning

Writing a will ensures the honoring of your wishes after you pass away. When creating yours, it is important to be aware of potential red flags that might lead to challenges.

By being mindful of these signs, you can take steps to create a will that is less likely to face problems.

Sudden changes

If your will undergoes sudden and significant changes, it may raise questions among your loved ones. They might wonder if external pressure or influence played a role in those alterations.

Not updated

If your will is old, it might not accurately reflect your current wishes. This lack of updates could result in confusion and disagreements among family members.

Unusual gifts

If your will includes unconventional distributions of your belongings, others may question whether you were in sound mind when making those decisions. Unusual gift arrangements may cause concern for your friends and family.

Not including close family

Excluding close family members without a clear reason can lead to disputes. Family members may question the exclusion of certain individuals from your will, potentially causing tension and disagreements.

Health concerns

If you create or modify your will during a period of poor health, it might raise concerns about your decision-making capacity. Others could argue that your health conditions influenced your choices.

No witnesses

Valid wills in Colorado require witnesses. If your will lacks witnesses or if the witnesses are not reliable, it may become a point of contention during the probate process.

Influence from others

External interference in decision-making for your will is a potential red flag. If someone is pressuring you to make specific choices, it could lead to undue influence challenges from others who question the authenticity of your decisions.

Confusing language

The use of unclear or complicated language in your will can lead to disputes. Family members may interpret the language differently, confusing your intentions.

Looking out for, and mitigating, these warning signs can contribute to a smoother process for your loved ones when you die.