Reviewing and updating your estate plan amid divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Divorce

Navigating a Colorado divorce is a complex process. Amid the emotional and legal considerations, it is important to address the impact on your estate plan. In Colorado, divorce can have profound implications for where your assets end up and who benefits from your estate.

Taking the time to review and update your estate plan during this transitional period helps ensure that your wishes come to be in the event of significant life changes.

Asset distribution and beneficiary designations

It is necessary to reassess where assets are going to go following a divorce. If your estate plan designates your ex-spouse as a beneficiary, you may want to update those designations to reflect your current intentions. This includes life insurance policies, retirement accounts and any other accounts with named beneficiaries.

Guardianship of minor children

If you have minor children, the question of guardianship is important. In the event of a divorce, you may need to reconsider, and, if necessary, revise your choice of guardians. Ensure that the individuals you trust to care for your children align with your current circumstances and preferences.

Power of attorney and health care directives

Reviewing your power of attorney and health care directives is key during a divorce. If your ex-spouse has decision-making authority, you may want to appoint someone else in case of incapacitation. This step can be especially important as you consider who you want to manage your financial affairs and make health care decisions on your behalf.

Debts and liabilities

As you go through a divorce in Colorado, it becomes necessary to assess and update your estate plan to address any debts or liabilities that may arise from the marriage ending. Ensuring that your plan aligns with your financial situation post-divorce helps you avoid potential complications in the future.

World Population Review reports that the American divorce rate hovers somewhere between about 35% and 50%. Taking the time to reassess and update your estate plan during this period helps you maintain peace of mind as you navigate the next stage of life.