Signs that you should modify your parenting plan

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Child Custody

Parenting plans are essential for a divorce with minor children. When you create your parenting plan, the schedules, expectations and details focus on the current situation. Sometimes that situation changes over time and the parenting plan no longer works the way that it did.

There are a few key signs that you should consider modifying your parenting plan.

One parent relocated

When one parent relocates, that change can disrupt the parenting plan. Whether the move increased the distance between parents or created a living situation that is less conducive to custodial time, you may need to adjust the parenting plan to ensure that both parents remain involved with the children.

One parent has a new work schedule

When one parent’s work hours change, that often interferes with the visitation schedules and parenting time. Adjustments to the parenting plan may include modifications of that schedule to work around the change in work hours and ensure adequate time with the children.

Your children’s needs have changed

As your children get older, their needs change. Sometimes, a parenting plan includes restricted visitation while a young infant is nursing, for example. When your children reach middle school and beyond, extracurricular activities interfere with parenting time. Medical conditions and special needs can also pose new challenges and need recognition.

Your children should maintain a relationship with both parents whenever possible in a divorce. Your parenting plan is not a fixed document but one that needs modification over time to adapt to changing family environments and the different needs of your children. Consider what works and what does not within the current plan as you draft modifications.