Should your estate plan address your funeral?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Estate Planning

If you intend to live for decades longer, planning your funeral may seem silly. Still, if you become unexpectedly ill or suffer a catastrophic injury, you do not want to leave your loved ones with too much on their plate. You also probably want your funeral service to reflect the way you have lived your life.

When you think about estate planning, your mind probably goes to dividing up your assets after your death. Estate planning is about much more than property division, though. Indeed, you can use yours to plan the funeral you want.

Your funeral’s format

Even though there is certainly nothing wrong with having a formal funeral service, you might want something a bit happier or more festive. With your estate plan, you can arrange precisely how your funeral unfolds. That is, from the officiant to the venue and music, you can spell out every aspect of your service.

Your remains

If you want your loved ones to bury your body, your estate plan should give detailed instructions. Still, according to USA Today, many Americans are opting for cremation in lieu of traditional burials. If cremation is your desire, your estate plan can designate a facility and provide instructions for disposing of your cremains.

While it may seem like you have plenty of time to plan your funeral and address other end-of-life matters, you simply cannot predict the future. Ultimately, by getting started soon, you are likely to give both you and your loved ones some valuable peace of mind.