Ways to better communicate with a co-parent

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2023 | Child Custody

You probably are preparing to raise your children with your co-parent following your divorce, though your relationship with your ex may be rocky at times. An important key to making parenting time and allocating parental responsibilities work is to understand how to better communicate with your former spouse.

Healthline explains how co-parents can talk or convey messages to each other in ways that minimize conflict.

Keep your communications short

If you text or email your co-parent, writing out short messages can help you resist the temptation to say something you might regret. It is easy to veer off into complaints or insults. Write out a message that is to the point. Also, strive to be professional. Stay away from accusations and focus on the issues that matter.

Schedule and limit communications

It could become aggravating to receive many texts, emails or phone calls in a single day. Establishing when you and your co-parent should send messages may diminish this kind of stress. It can also free the two of you to conduct everyday activities without taking time out to respond to communications.

Send messages directly

You might think using a third party to convey messages to your co-parent can avoid conflict. The problem with using intermediaries is that you risk misunderstandings. Your co-parent might also want direct communication so he or she can feel like an active part of the parenting process.

It is possible to work out how to communicate as part of a parenting agreement. By doing so, you may avoid conflicts that make it hard to carry out your parental duties.