What are red flags of parental alienation?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Divorce

Parental alienation typically involves one parent manipulating their child into hating the other parent. Though this is a painful and terrible thing to do, many people still engage in this behavior.

In order to stop things from getting too out of hand, it is important to identify potential alienation early in the process. But how can you do this?

Changes in your child’s behavior

Forbes discusses red flags related to parental alienation. These flags are sometimes harder to spot, but sometimes they will pop out right away. To take action against your co-parent for attempting to manipulate your children into disliking or even hating you, you need to recognize these signs whether they are big or small.

First, keep an eye on your child’s behavior. In many cases, they will begin to behave strangely around you or may show open disdain for having to go to your house. However, the younger they are, the more quickly they will seemingly get over this period of dislike. The pattern typically repeats any time they return to your co-parent’s house and then come back to yours.

Overt aggression or dislike from your co-parent

Next, watch your co-parent’s behavior. In most cases, if they are attempting to turn your child against you, they will not make much effort to hide their dislike or disdain toward you. They may even ramp up displays in public or directly in front of your child.

What your child says

Finally, pay attention to what your child says. If they are reciting things they heard from your co-parent, they will often talk decisively about things they have no way of truly or fully understanding, due to their age or otherwise.

Together, these are all signs of something amiss.