Will joint custody benefit your child?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce is no easy situation, and it impacts every single member of a family. This includes the children who have to deal with their parents splitting up.

Though it is impossible to completely stop any negative impact from occurring due to the divorce, it is possible to lessen the damage. Specific types of custody can aid with that.

Improved coping

As Psychology Today states, joint custody has numerous benefits. These benefits have gotten analyzed over the years by numerous professionals in places all around the world, and the results largely end up the same.

First, the coping mechanisms of children in joint custody seem much more solid and stable than their counterpart children who experience sole custody. Many of these kids develop healthy coping in their younger years, allowing them to deal with their stress and anger in a good way. By comparison, children of sole custody tend to lash out at peers more often and get into more trouble with authority figures.

Healthier interpersonal ties

Joint custody can help in relationships, too. Children who experience joint custody seem to have healthier romantic and platonic relationships alike as they age into adulthood. This potentially ties back to healthier coping mechanisms allowing for better relationships in their youth.

Provision of stability

Of course, the stability and security provided by joint custody arrangements may also provide a child with a steadier future, too. Since fear of instability and unpredictable changes make up a vast majority of children’s primary fears about divorce, this one single custody option can help to ease some of these fears and reduce the stress a child feels moving forward.