How should drivers behave around pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Injuries

If injured in a car versus pedestrian accident, you may be able to file a liability claim. Accidents can leave you with high medical bills, mental trauma, loss of wages and long-term disabilities. Following an accident, you may want to know what went wrong.

How should drivers treat pedestrians on the road?

Drivers should always look out for pedestrians

Drivers cannot hit the road, assuming that they will not cross paths with pedestrians. Even on streets where they may see few people walking, they need to watch out. They should use extra caution during fog, inclement weather or at night when they have low visibility.

If a driver sees a pedestrian, he or she needs to yield and ensure other drivers know about the pedestrian.

Drivers should never drive above the speed limit

Speeding can result in a variety of motor vehicle accidents. When a driver speeds, he or she cannot always control the vehicle. Likewise, speeding makes it difficult to react quickly to a changing situation. For instance, if a pedestrian crosses the street suddenly, the car may not have a chance to stop before the collision happens.

Drivers should never pass at crosswalks

Every year, thousands of pedestrians die due to motor vehicles. In addition, over 70,000 suffer injuries. When you cross the street, you deserve to remain safe. If a car passes on the sidewalk, the driver may not see you. A motor vehicle should always strop or yield when entering a crosswalk.

Drivers have an obligation to drive safely. In the case of pedestrians, cars tend to leave a lot more damage on walkers.