What is nesting and who does it benefit?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2021 | Divorce

Parents going through divorce have one major thing to consider that other divorcing couples do not have to: their children. Of course, as a parent, what you want most is to preserve the well-being of your child as much as possible through this difficult process. But what can you do to help you reach that goal?

First, you can try nesting or bird nesting. This housing option could potentially be the answer to your questions and provide you with exactly what you need.

Defining nesting

Divorce Mag looks into the benefits tied into nesting, a housing option during divorce. Nesting takes its name from the way parent and baby birds live. The baby bird stays within the nest until it is old enough to venture out and take flight. In the meantime, the parents will both continually visit the nest as the baby stays in place.

The idea behind nesting during divorce is similar. The child will remain in the family home, and the parents will take turns living there with the child. This contrasts with the other popular method, in which the child will venture between the family home and the residents of whoever no longer lives there.

What are the benefits?

This proves hugely beneficial to children, who do not have to deal with the additional stress and confusion that dealing with totally new locations will bring about. Divorce itself already proves enough of a struggle, and children do not need to deal with extra stressors on top of their changing family dynamic.

Thus, if you can make it work, nesting might prove beneficial to all members of your family in this trying time.