How can you make a detailed parallel parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Child Custody

When it comes to drawing up a parenting plan, all couples should have clear guidelines. Even the most amicable parents may have disagreements and a parenting plan protects the parent and child’s rights. In parallel parenting, you have less contact with the other parent. Parallel parenting generally helps couples who have difficulties communicating or still harbor resentment or grief.

According to Healthline, there are specific details you need to spell out in a parallel parenting plan.

Locations for pickups

You never want to be confused about where to pick up and drop off the children. Many people with a parallel parenting plan do not pick or drop kids off at the other parent’s home. Most like to meet somewhere between the homes where children can quickly move between cars and limit interaction between parents. Always have a precise drop-off and pickup time. The two of you should establish it in the parenting plan, so you never have any misunderstandings.

Ways to handle disputes and cancellations

Parallel parenting may help you avoid disputes, but disputes may still occur sometimes. The two of you need to have a plan for how to handle any conflicts that arise. You may need to take time away to think about the dispute or have an objective party help you work through it.

Cancellations may also occur. You need to make it clear in advance whether the two of you can make up time if you have to cancel plans. For example, if your former spouse has a health emergency and cannot pick up the children, he or she may receive an extra day with the kids.

Parallel parenting protects children in the event of a hostile breakup, but without detailed plans, arguments can still happen.