Focus on being upright during a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Divorce

Colorado spouses who are going through a divorce cannot afford to allow themselves to be dragged into conflict. It can impact both the legal proceedings as well as the post-divorce relationship between the spouses. Taking the proverbial high road in a divorce takes some effort, but is well worth it.

There are numerous ways to rise above and stay out of the mire. The first rule is to always make sure to treat a spouse with respect regardless of the circumstances of the divorce. An attitude of disrespect can result in a bitter divorce. It is also good to keep things in perspective; this could include knowing what fights are worth having and which ones to avoid. Nobody is advocating being a doormat, but certain fights can result in a pyrrhic victory.

It is best to be focused and transparent during the divorce. Parents make sure to communicate information about the children to the other parent and communicate with purpose to avoid the need for repeated texts throughout the day. Most importantly, individuals should try to avoid overplaying a strong hand. Even if it results in a favorable divorce agreement or ruling, it can lead to hostility and tensions after the divorce. The emotions of the split will not always recede shortly after the divorce if they even go away at all.

An attorney may help keep their client focused during the divorce process and give them advice on how to communicate in a manner that builds mutual respect as opposed to more conflict. An attorney likely knows that it is in everyone’s best interests to keep tensions to a minimum so that the two parties and any children involved can recover after the divorce is finalized.