Colorado estate administration: sometimes will challenges arise

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Probate

Colorado estate planners understandably want things to proceed smoothly and with optimal efficiency when the time comes to settle their estate.

Candidly, that it isn’t always possible.

We spotlight some of the reasons why at the proven Boulder County estate planning law firm of Warren, Carlson & Moore in Niwot. Emotions sometimes run high for the valued and diverse clients we diligently represent across the state. Our experienced legal team duly notes that estate administration and the probate process can sometimes challenge affected parties in an “overwhelming” way.

That hardly spells defeat in any given instance, though, especially for planners and other involved individuals who closely and timely consult with seasoned attorneys. Tailored professional input on key planning goals can help ensure their desired implementation and safeguard against future challenges.

Those referenced challenges unquestionably do arise quite often during probate in cases where reflective and comprehensive planning did not feature at an earlier juncture. One national article taking an in-depth look at dispute catalysts central to many will contests spotlights these allegation triggers:

  • Breach of some person’s or entity’s fiduciary duty
  • Invalid will construction and validity
  • Decedent’s lack of capacity and susceptibility to fraud, duress and/or undue influence
  • Added complexities owing to second or subsequent marriages and blended families

Those bullet points comprise just a sliver of potential probate problems in a much larger universe. Parties seeking to either protect an estate interest or defend against a claim can secure timely and effective assistance from an attorney team commanding proven acumen in this specialized legal realm.