How can parallel parenting benefit your children?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Divorce

After a divorce, determine how to parent your children with your ex. If you have a high-conflict marriage, parallel parenting may suit both of you.

According to WebMD, parallel parenting does not require you to work closely with your ex when raising your children. Some parents fear if they do not co-parent, their children may suffer for it. If parallel parenting works for you, however, it may benefit them. Despite having less communication between you and your ex, you still care for your child’s needs.

Children perform better academically and socially

When children feel stressed, they may have difficulty sleeping, eating, and performing. Children need to have a stable environment to thrive. In situations that require parallel parenting, most couples cannot communicate without fights and disagreements. Children of parallel parenting couples tend to have better relationships with their families and other social connections.

Children feel more secure in their family unit

When it comes to creating a parenting plan or custody arrangement, consistency and stability become the most important details. If you cannot talk on the phone or in person with your ex without fighting or tension, your children will pick up on it. It can deflate their self-esteem and they may question their fault in the divorce and fighting. Children in a parallel parenting situation do not witness the tension between the parents. Instead, they have both parents in their life with clear roles set out.

When it comes to parallel parenting, you have to set clear boundaries and have specific and detailed plans. Clear plans allow you to limit communication.