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Adoption is a joyful experience for a family. The Niwot attorneys at Warren, Carlson & Moore, LLP, can take the work out of the process and help ensure that your adoption is worry-free.

Our attorneys will guide you through the adoption process, keeping you informed of court prerequisites, fees, deadlines and requirements. In addition to the traditional adoption of an infant or child, Colorado law provides for other forms of adoption, including:

  • Stepparent: Obtaining the consent of a biological parent or establishing abandonment is a key component of this process. If the whereabouts of the biological parent are unknown, publication of a notice in the newspaper of his or her last known location is required. Without properly signed and notarized consent from a biological parent or proof of publication in the instance of unknown whereabouts, the court will not terminate the previous parent/child relationship and the child will be considered ineligible for adoption. For married individuals in a same sex marriage, the law allows for an adoption proceeding for the non-biological parent under a step-parent adoption petition.
  • Kinship: To pursue this option, it must established that the child is legally available for adoption after court termination of the parent-child legal relationship, court approval of the voluntary relinquishment of the parent-child legal relationship, a court-appointed guardian executes written and verified consent if the parents are deceased, or written and verified consent has been signed by the parents.
  • Custodial: This requires proof of consultation with the local county Social Services Department. A child who is the subject of dependency and neglect litigation cannot be adopted.
  • Adult: Specific consent forms are required, and the party to be adopted must be properly served with a summons and petition. No hearing is required in an adult adoption.
  • Second-parent adoption: Also known as co-parent adoption, this allows two unmarried individuals to have equal parenting rights as the parents of a child. Typically, this applies in two situations: 1) same-sex couples; and 2) unmarried heterosexual couples who wish to adopt each other's children. In 2007, Gov. Bill Ritter signed a bill into law that paved the way for this opportunity. These adoptions have specific consent requirements as well.
  • Validation of foreign adoption: A notarized translation of the foreign adoption decree is required.

Each type of adoption has unique requirements and documents for filing with the court. These include background checks that must be completed within a certain amount of time, or your petition could be denied. In addition to preparing and filing your petition and supporting documents for the court, we will prepare you for the adoption hearing itself.

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